Benefits of training with fitrme to build family fitness

Habits can provide lots of good things you probably already know about. Being physically active and eating well promote disease prevention, weight loss or maintenance, stress reduction, improved performance at school and work, increased longevity, and much much more.

As parents, we are role models for our kids, so making family fitness a priority sets a great precedent. But we get something out of the deal too. Role modelling helps hold us accountable for our own behavior.

It can be very motivating to know your child is watching. Keep that in mind if you ever feel guilty about spending time on exercise.

For kids, being introduced to healthy behaviors early is a gift. They are so ready to learn and retain new information and habits when they are young. Doing so will help build their physical confidence, too. Everyone in the family can benefit from the bonding that comes from sharing active play and family meals.

 True story by Stacey

“ After having children, I struggled to find the time to exercise. I tried tons of avenues to get fit ,to lose weight.I went to the gym but a 30-minute session took up to 2 hrs of my day, getting ready, getting to the gym and so on.It wasn’t just my time! My husband’s time too as he planned his time around me so that he would be home in time,you know the story,  I Then heard about Fitrme virtual online classes. I thought it would be a great opportunity to tick off two things at once: Fun time with my kids, a regular exercise class for me,” Stacey 35, says.

“I didn’t think I would enjoy virtual classes as I used to go to the gym and enjoyed face-to-face contact, but I was so wrong. The benefits outweigh (excuse the pun) the negatives. No need to travel, find parking, organise my husband to be home, well actually he trains with me and the kids now. How good is that? All I need is a mobile device, phone, laptop anything. I’ve even done classes on the beach whilst on holiday. It’s also a good way to ease stress and feel more connected with my body. It’s a great option for time-poor parents. and it works out overall cheaper than a gym membership, win-win I love it!”

 The biggest benefit of all is my kids love it and always join in with me

 For many Australians, engaging in a fitness activity as a family used to come in the form of a Sunday morning walk. These days, Virtual classes and activities specifically geared towards families participating together are springing up everywhere.

Exercise has innumerable physical and psychological benefits, including enhanced fitness and heart health, greater strength, better weight management, improved sleep and reduced stress. Meanwhile, families who keep fit with each other see their attachment, social development and emotional management skills improve.

Although downtime is important, many people spend far too much time inactive, so when families exercise together they gain the combined benefits of being together, growing together and encouraging each other.

With obesity levels continuing to rise, it’s never been more important for adults to model good exercise habits to their children. More than one in four Australian children between five and 17 are overweight or obese, according to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, while the overall rate of overweight or obese adults increased from 56 per cent in 1995 to 63 per cent in 2015.

 True story from Tania

 Resistance classes with Fitrme online for the whole family

“Teenagers are notorious for not wanting to have conversations but my husband and son talk non-stop on those evenings after exercising, ribbing each other about the number of reps they can do,” Tania says, laughing.

“It’s friendly competitiveness. As a mum this gives me a nice warm happy feeling of content. Thank you Fitrme for bringing our family closer.”

 Discover more about the benefits of family fitness. Join us in the community

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