Our fitness test training is designed for individuals aspiring to join special services, such as the Police Force, Army, or to become a Fire Fighter, to monitor and ensure success for entry into their future careers.


Be confident when applying for entry into special services knowing you’re prepped and ready to tackle the fitness test. Our Fitness Test Training program is designed to help you develop the physical strength and mental resilience needed to excel in the demanding fitness tests.

You’ll begin with a fitness assessment test to gain insight into your current fitness level and help predict your risk of injury. Then a program will be designed for your specific test, using the same equipment used in the tests, including things such as push-ups, sit-ups, plank, grip tests, beep test, shuttle run and strength test.

Army reserve fitness assessment training

A job in the Army requires passing a Pre-entry Fitness Assessment (PFA). With an emphasis on body strength, endurance and co-ordination, our Fitness Test Training is designed to prepare you for the specific requirements of the PFA.

Army Reserve Fitness Test Training

Victoria Police fitness test training

Apply for the Victoria Police Force or Public Service Officers (PSOs) with the confidence of knowing you will comfortably pass the required Fitness Test. The Victorian Police maintains equality by not distinguishing based on age or gender. Every applicant is expected to meet the same standard in all tests. Our Fitness Test Training will help you meet those requirements including grip test, push ups, agility, shuttle run and obstacle climb.

Fire Rescue Victoria (FRV) Physical Aptitude test Training

Fire fighting requires a significant amount of physical exertion. The role demands substantial muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance to undertake activities while wearing protective gear weighing up to 23kg. So applicants must pass the Physical Aptitude Test (PAT) when applying to become a Firefighter. Our Fitness test Training will ensure you’re prepared to take the PAT with confidence.

Fire Fighter Fitness Test Training Melbourne


Begin with a Pre-fitness Assessment to understand if there is a particular area you need to improve on

Custom Fitness Test Training Program

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I lost 30kg with Ed. He worked me hard and never let me give up, always got that extra couple of reps out of me! He has an awesome crew, and a wicked setup!

Shaun L.

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