The Benefits of Family Fitness:

Working out is associated with physical and psychological benefits. It reduces stress levels, greater strength, better weight management, improved sleep, enhanced fitness and heart health.

Working out is good, but working out with the family is even better. It promotes fitness and strengthens the family’s bond by spending time together for better health. Families who keep fit with each other see their attachment, social development and emotional management skills improve.

There are many benefits that you can get by working out with the family at home, especially for the children. If the parents are active, their child/children are more likely to be living an active lifestyle later on. Parents should be proactive in reinforcing healthy physical habits to their children to avoid obesity, and other health related issues that may arise. Working out also boosts self confidence and reduces anxiety.

For kids, being introduced to healthy behaviors early is a gift. Here’s why:

A short message from Eddie the founder of Fitrme. 

I wish my parents would have taken time out for me when I was a kid, Just a little time a few times a week to do something together. Bonding time! Giving me comfort of being loved. “Is that too much to ask?” Sadly I didn’t have this opportunity,I have grown with resentment of my childhood for many reasons leading to a weight on my shoulders for many many years. This is why I am passionate about bringing families together for half an hour a day, having some fun time, The only I.T you need is 1 device for the whole family.

Start young, Be consistent, and simply laugh let yourself go and imagine what this could lead to for the whole family. The power of half an hour!

Eddie Hanger

How can we get started?

Get started by thinking about you and your family’s fitness goal. This is essential for a fun and effective fitness plan. There’s a lot of reasons why you want to start being physically fit with your family, but whatever your reasons may be, it’s always a good idea to start improving your family’s fitness.

Your family fitness plan doesn’t need to be complicated or vigorous. Just aim on adding more activity and meaning in your life. Family fitness should be fun, and healthy that makes you and your family feel good.

Here are 2 tips that you can use on your family workout session:

  • Include your children in choosing your joint activity
  • Find an activity that is suitable for everyone, try a variety of activities to figure it out.

Simple Workouts you can do at home with the kids:

  1. Jumping jacks – Keep your heart rate up with this classic exercise that has lots of variations. This one can go on and on.
  2. Planks – go eye to eye and see who can last the longest with this exercise! Elbows on the floor and balance your tiptoes, this is gonna be fun.
  3. Sit-ups – Another classic. Feel free to tuck your toes under the sofa or coffee table if you need a bit of support, or, ask your kids to hold your feet and vice versa.
  4. Squats –  See who can get the deepest squat or the most squats in 60 seconds. To do this one, stand with your feet shoulder’s width apart, and do deep knee bends. Kids are naturally born squatters so they would not have a hard time.
  5. Star Jumps –  The kids’ favorite!  Stand tall and then explosively jump into the air, expanding your legs and your arms so that you look like a large “X” in the air. Let your kids say, “I’m a star!”

Working out with the family is a slow and steady process that could improve your family life in so many ways. It’s not an instant fix, it’s a way of life. 

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