Food allergies

With a food allergy or sensitivity, the problematic food can set up a cascade of immune and chemical reactions in the body, usually within minutes or days. If this food is continued to be consumed over time, it can cause an ongoing inflammatory reaction on the lining of the intestines, which can result in the …

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Must Sleep

It is accepted that everything within the animal kingdom must sleep, yet the exact purpose and mechanism of sleep are only partly understood. It always makes for an interesting topic as everyone can relate to it and has plenty of experience of it too.  Understanding sleep, the power of it, and how to get as much high-quality …

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We will all suffer from high states of stress at some point in our lives. In today’s busy society we are involved in regular stressful life situations, along with frequent and exhausting training schedules.  This stress is a burden on the body, and if the stress becomes chronically elevated and prolonged, we can end up …

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Benefits of training with fitrme to build family fitness

Habits can provide lots of good things you probably already know about. Being physically active and eating well promote disease prevention, weight loss or maintenance, stress reduction, improved performance at school and work, increased longevity, and much much more. As parents, we are role models for our kids, so making family fitness a priority sets a …

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Working out with the family at home

The Benefits of Family Fitness: Working out is associated with physical and psychological benefits. It reduces stress levels, greater strength, better weight management, improved sleep, enhanced fitness and heart health. Working out is good, but working out with the family is even better. It promotes fitness and strengthens the family’s bond by spending time together …

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